PERL Connections

Powerful Energy Release to Restore Your Self-Love

About Me

Redefining emotions through energy healing

Hi! I'm Diana and I want to help you make your body stronger!

My Journey To Energy Healing

Doctors ceased to have answers for our family’s medical problems.

PERL Connections was created out of necessity! A long journey of searching lead here: the root of the issues was harmful emotional energy. Energy healing has brought me both personal healing and great joy in helping others.

What Is Emotional Energy?

Emotional energy is how we feel about what is going on in our lives: our work, our relationships, ourselves, and our general situation. Understanding your emotions and getting in tune with your emotions is important because our well-being is directly impacted by how we feel.

How Does It Work?

With the aid of a pendulum, I will connect with your energy and subconscious field. Once connected I will help you to activate your inner healing journey. What to expect for the first time? I ask for no specific health information from you, and I activate our connection to magnetically release unwanted harmful emotions and make them inactive so your body can naturally get stronger and work to heal itself.

My Journey - Take 15 minutes, and 

learn more about how I have come from within.