PERL Connections

Powerful Energy Release to Restore Your Self-Love

Virtual Services 

I am happy to offer a wide range of services

PERL Connections offers a variety of clearings from an a la carte menu to suit many different needs. Services include:

Initial Clearing

Follow up Clearing

Total Body Assessment

 Animal Consult

Emergency Clearing

Allergy Clearing

Virtual Photograph Clearing

Initial Exploratory Clearing

On your initial clearing, I will explore your energy field and assess where there are issues. Once I have completed the 186 point assessment of your whole body, we will discuss any areas you feel need to be pinpointed or worked on. 


30 Minute Follow-up 


This is a follow-up clearing that I recommend weekly after your initial clearing until the body is at optimal function. Monthly maintenance clearings are then recommended once you have reached your health goals.


Total Bo​dy Assessment

This is a special clearing for all existing customers. I am able to assess every organ, gland, and system to find out what percentage they are functioning at, and remove the harmful emotions to restore optimal function.


​Food/Environmental Identification and Clearing

Using a list of over 1000 known food and environmental allergens, this clearing will identify sensitivities and allergies, and provide an initial removal of harmful emotions.



Assessment and Clearing

This clearing will identify any hormone imbalances or deficiencies, and provide initial removal of harmful emotions.


Blood Assessment and Clearing

This will assess and identify any issues in your bloodstream relating to  Vitamins, Minerals, Digestive Health, Heavy Metals, Amino Acids, Essential Fatty Acids, and help restore the proper function of your systems through an initial clearing of harmful emotions.


Ani​mal ​Consult​

This is a full assessment of your pet. It will tell you the percentage that they are currently functioning at. I am then able to remove harmful emotions to bring them to their optimal level of health. 


Virtual Ph​oto Clearing​

If you have a loved one that is in need, all I need is a picture to connect to their energy field!  Just send me the picture and I will send you all the details!